The locksmith industry is one of those industries that will always have work, useless everyone stops using locks in some far off Utopian future, but I doubt it… Locksmiths will always have work because someone will always lock their keys in their car, lose their keys whilst out or simply require their locks changed after moving, and then there are landlords who often require a locksmith to assist in an eviction and then change all the locks afterwards

This is why training as a locksmith can be a very rewarding and profitable career choice and people can train as locksmith at any age too, either starting out at 18 years embarking on their first career or retraining their you 40’s or even 50’s after deciding on a career change.

Unfortunately, unlike electricians, heating engineers and other trades the locksmith actually requires no official training, certification or accreditation, meaning that anyone can simply call themselves a locksmith and post an ad online or in their local paper and offer locksmith services. In the industry they are known as the amateur; ‘have a go’ locksmiths and the services they offer are usually limited to gaining enter after someone has been locked out. Most of them advertise as an emergency locksmith.

The amateur locksmith will generally have another job during the day and moonlight as an emergency locksmith in the evening and at night when most of the emergency locksmith calls are made. Some people may argue that as long as they do the job and gain emergency access then it’s not a issue who you use, be it a professional, fully trained locksmith of an amateur; ‘have a go’ locksmith, but they are wrong, there are a number of big differences between the two.

Locksmith pricing

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The professional locksmith works full time as a locksmith, has his or her own website, a Google listing and online reviews so they want good feedback from their customers and want their customers to refer them to friends, colleagues and family. They’ll also want to do a good job and charge an affordable rate.

This is the reason why you find that the professional locksmith will charge you less than the amateur, sometimes a lot less, whereas the amateur locksmith doesn’t care about referrals, feedback and reputation or whether they do a good job or not because it’s not their full time job and when they do get a call they’ll want to make as much money out of the customer as possible.

Online feedback and reviews from their customers, or should we call them victims, simply don’t matter to an amateur locksmith as they will be constantly changing their name and their mobile phone number.

Entry methods

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There are a number of different methods a locksmith can use to gain access to a locked door. The professional locksmith will always try non-destructive entry method first so as to not cause damage to your locks, door or doorframe.

Non Destructive entry methods include manual lock picking, using a lock picking tool or using a letterbox tool.

There amateur locksmith will not even attempt these non destruction entry methods and will usually go for the hammer, drill and chisel right away. This is because the amateur locksmith simply wants paying and to be one their way as quickly as possible, they don’t care about your feedback or getting a referral off you and they won’t even own expensive lock picking tools or letterbox tools

False Economy

Using an amateur locksmith over a professional locksmith is simply false economy.

With some industries choosing the amateur instead of a professional can sometimes save you money, even though you know you’ll be getting a poorer job or product and sometime with teh savings you make the poorer quality of the job or product is a small price to pay.

With the locksmith industry it’s the complete opposite, use and amateur rather than a professional and you not only get a poorer job but you’ll pay more and get damage to your property as a bonus

Finding a Professional Locksmith

Sometimes sorting out the amateurs from the professionals can be a difficult task but it can be done. A professional will usually have his or her own websites and Google business page showing reviews. If you don’t have time to go searching the internet then selecting a locksmith from, the website makes sure you are using a professional as all the locksmith on Smart Locksmiths have been fully vetted and are guaranteed professional, full time locksmiths

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