When do a search for a local locksmith on Google or Bing it’s amazing how many results show up, literally page upon page all claiming to be that areas local locksmith.

What most people then to do is narrow their search parameters to the immediate area, say, within a few miles or target their town directly especially if they have an emergency such as being locked out and want someone to come out to them quickly, but even narrowing down the search doesn’t seem to narrow down the results.  Google claimed to have updated their local search algorithm recently to give better results to people doing local searches so what is happening?

Let take a small town such as Buxton, Staffordshire for example, a small town so there should be a handful of locksmiths within a few but you search and are shown pages and page of results… Just for curiosity you try a different area somewhere else in the country and you also get pages of results, but hold on a minute, you’ve noticed something suspicious, the towns you searched for where miles away from each other yet you noticed the same company both times high up in the results claiming to be that towns local locksmith company! Welcome to the nationwide locksmith call centre.

When someone finds themselves locked out of their home for example they want to use a local locksmith who is close by because they don’t want to be waiting for hours, which is why they search for a locksmith in their area, however, there have been lots of reports recently that people have been left waiting three, four and in some cases  even five hours for a local locksmith to arrive and when they  finally arrive they tell the unhappy customer that they have been sent from miles away and only got the job allocated to them an hour ago.. So what’s happened?

The customer has been unfortunate enough to select a nationwide locksmith call centre from the search results, these call centres are not locksmiths and have no actual engineers working for them, how they work is that they allow local engineers from all over the country to sign up with them for an annual fee and a percentage of the work they receive, in return the call centre takes all the phone calls and does all the online marketing making sure they show up on page one for every town in the country. There are a number of issues here, one issue is that they don’t have a locksmith on their books from every area so when you ring up they will simple contact the nearest available locksmith and send them out to you, which as you know can be someone from miles away. Secondly their prices are usually extortionate; where as a genuine local locksmith would charge £50 a national call centre would charge £300 for the same job to pay for overheads and marketing. Another issue is that their goal and business model is to sign up as many members as possible so they do not vet anyone and cases have come to light recently where the locksmith sent has in fact been an unskilled moonlighter armed with a hammer and chisel.

With a genuine local locksmith you can check reviews and feedback check their physical address to see how close they are to you and when you ring up you are usually speaking to the person who will be come out so can get an accurate arrival time and cost… So be careful when searching for local locksmiths online and don’t select a national call centre claiming to be local.

Easy Keys are a genuine independent local locksmith in Buxton offering both domestic and commercial services