A local Locksmith that advertises Non Destructive entry uses specialist techniques to gain entry without causing damage to your door locks and or mechanism.

This entry method is ideal for people who have simply misplaced their keys or have even locked them inside their property and want to merely gain entry without any damage and without needing to replace locks or other parts, however, you must be extremely careful when calling on the services on an emergency locksmith as not all locksmith will gain entry in this manner, some will simply “break in” leaving you with damaged door and a hefty bill then some will even try to sell you replacement part at inflated prices too.

Not all locksmiths are the same

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Like any industry or trade there are the good and the bad, the skilled and the amateurs, the honest and the rogues, so you need to be extra careful who you actually call out because if you call out the wrong locksmith company you may find that you are not only left with a damaged door but an extortionate bill for their trouble too.

Although a majority of locksmiths operating in the UK are highly skilled and well equipped to gain non destruction access to most types of locks on the market there are a growing number of “have a go” locksmiths without any training whatsoever who will simple “break in” to your home by any means necessary and expect you to foot the bill.

The reason behind this is that the locksmith industry is unregulated and it’s easier than ever to set up a basic website and start touting for business after simply watching a few Youtube videos and buying a cheap, imported locksmith toolkit off the internet.

Because of this you should check out the locksmith thoroughly by visiting their website to check whether they do in fact mention non destructive entry and to check for reviews… now website reviews can be faked so you should check Google reviews which are much harder to fabricate.

Unfortunately these thing are harder to check when you have rang a national call centre who will basically be contacting a local locksmith on your behave and taking a cut. My advice is to avoid national locksmith call centres completely, purely because they are not locksmiths and you don’t know who they will be sending and from where, which is my other gripe with these call centres as they’ll claim to have locksmiths on their books from all over the country which just isn’t true and some customers have been left waiting for hours whilst a locksmith travels from 100+ miles away.

You also find that because they can’t get work from referrals or tempt you with genuine, trustworthy reviews these amateur locksmiths tend to sign up with these call centre making it more likely that you get a bad job.