The locksmith industry in the UK has growth exponentially over the past 10 years or so primarily due to things like cheap online locksmith courses, free ‘how to’ Youtube channels and the free adverting phenomenal that is the internet.

Before the internet revolution it took lot more money to set up a business such as a locksmith, or any small business for that matter so you found that locksmiths generally  knew their trade and where in fact well trained.

Back in the day, to train as a locksmith you where required to physically attend a locksmith course and study the trade, there was no online version of the course that you took whilst sat at your computer and no access to free locksmith tutorial videos. Nowadays anyone can set themselves up as locksmith very cheaply by watching videos, getting a cheap website made and advertising online and its the customer who suffers, the customer thinks that they are calling out a skilled and qualified locksmith when a lot of the times someone totally untrained is turning up.

So these inexperienced locksmiths must be able to do the job? Otherwise no one would ever pay them for their services, right? Yes, there are a number of services that an untrained locksmith can in fact get away with, let’s say that you are locked out of you home or business and you call out a locksmith to gain access for you, a professionally, trained and vetted locksmith well attempt something know as ‘non destructive entry’ where he or she will attempt to gain access by picking the lock, this process takes a highly skilled professional whereas an amateur, unqualified locksmith will immediately  get out their hammer, drill or other brute force tool and there are in fact many stories of these locksmiths causing hundreds or pounds of damage to a persons property yet still demanding payment because they did what they where called out to do which was gain entry to you property. Give me an axe and I attempt to chop down a tree, this doesn’t make me an expert tree surgeon and chances are I’ll cause damage to property and people, including myself in the process.

Not all locks can be picked, especially the latest modern, high security locks that are currently being advertised as pick and bump proof, however, a professional locksmith will have expensive specialised tools specifically design to only break the locks barrel and not the door or door frame making repair afterwards quick and relatively inexpensive.

Another fact that not many people outside of the industry are aware of is the fact that a ‘have a go’ amateur locksmith is always more expensive than their professionally trained counterpart.

An amateur locksmith will not be listed on vetted traders websites nor will they get recommended by pervious customers making their jobs few and far between, so when they are called out they will attempt to make as much money out of you as possible by adding on hidden fees, excessive call out charges and by selling you cheap, imported overpriced locks and other materials.

When choosing a locksmith, choose carefully and make sure that you are in fact choosing a professional, look for terms like, no hidden charges, no call out fees, and non destructive entry, if you see these things offered then it is more likely to be a profession.

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